I think the need to do something perfect is crippling for a lot of us. I am going back to school this year (scary!) and have decided to turn the monster that my craft room has become in to an orderly place where I can actually study as well as play with my crafty endeavors. I moved everything out of the room (does anyone know how 1 room of stuff now fills 4 rooms? I mean seriously craft room are you a T.A.R.D.I.S?), but have been procrastinating about going through and it putting it away.

I’ve been thinking about why this is (you know instead of actually doing it?!) and I’ve got it narrowed down to reasons.

1) Fear of getting rid of something I might somehow decide I need. I know this is ridiculous. I have stuff in there I haven’t touched since we moved in almost 4 years ago. I do not need that stuff. I don’t even want that stuff. I just don’t want to not have it either.

2) A weird need for the space to be “perfect”, as if once I put everything back in that room it can’t be moved or tweaked to suit me. And because I have somehow gotten myself that worked up about how perfect it needs to be, it’s actually stopping me from doing it.

Seriously though. This is something I do. I do it in my knitting (that yarn is too nice to use, my skills aren’t there yet. I’ve been knitting for 10 years, when will I have the skills?), and I do it in other aspects of my life. It’s better to create something that is less than perfect than not create something at all.

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EU VAT Effects

Well this was not the post I was expecting to write on New Year’s Day 2015, but well here we are. There have been changes to the way tax works for digital content (such as digitally delivered patterns) for customers in the European Union, which is rather ridiculously affecting sellers all over the world. The very basic rundown is if someone from the EU buys a pattern from someone else, the seller is subject to the European Tax laws regardless of where they are located. I have read that didn’t actually think there would be many people selling digital content internationally (I read that and did wonder if the law-makers were dinosaurs).

Ravelry, and more specifically Casey, are being amazing about helping designers find alternative options, but have been given relatively little time. The new laws come in to effect today, the 1st of January 2015. I was late to the party, so actually only found out about it all when I got up this morning. I have had a look at these options and have made the sad decision to stop selling to customers in the European Union for the time being.

I don’t feel like there has been enough information provided to international sellers as to how they actually expect this to work, where/how we are meant to pay this tax and how it would work with our own countries taxing laws as well (for example, are we expected to pay tax to both the EU and our country?).  At the moment the alternatives for sellers is also limited. Ravelry have been able to work with a company called LoveKnitting to handle that side of things, but I’m still trying to work out if this is the best option for SilkyDoll Designs.

Going forward, I will be looking into these new laws and trying to get a proper understanding of them and what they mean for SilkyDoll Designs. I will also be looking into the different options to find out which ones work best for me as well as my customers. Until then, unfortunately I won’t be selling patterns to the EU. I really do hope this is  short-term problem and that I am able to find an alternative that works for me.

If I have any European customers reading this, I want you to know that I am sorry, and will do my best to work out an option so that you are not excluded on a permanent basis.



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An Annoucement!

I’ve been keeping mum about this one for so long and then I may have forgotten to post *smacks forgetful designers hand*, but I have been working on something very exciting. I’m working with indie dyer Spartickes Dyes on her next yarn club. It’s a monthly club with yarn and pattern combinations. There are some super talented designers helping out with this club and it’s not too late to sign up!

The club is USD 141 or three installments of USD47. For international shipping, contact Mari and she will let you know what shipping outside of the US will be. This will get you an amazing 4.5 skeins of incredibly beautiful yarn and 3 patterns.

While I’m pimping Mari, go check out her Etsy store as well. She has project bags and yarn. Nom.



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More than 2.5 years after it’s original inception, the Candlewick sock pattepatternrn has finally been released!

Candlewick is a top down lace sock pattern that I designed just before a trip to Japan. It’s knit using a 4 ply sock yarn, in this case I used Dream in Color Starry, which is definitely a favourite sock yarn of mine.  The gauge is 28 stitches and 38 rows to 4″ knit in the lace pattern. The charts and written instructions are provided for the lace pattern.

Please head on over to Ravelry and check out Candlewick and my other patterns.


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At the moment, I’m editing a shawl pattern based on the feedback received during testing. Which is taking longer than planned. In part because there were more issues than anticipated (which is why something like this went to testing in the first place) and because I struggle to edit off a computer screen. So I’ve printed the pattern off and am covering it in notes with my faithful red pen.
As well as this being an easier way for me to edit the pattern and add notes, I’m finding it helpful for formatting. I’m noticing that things that don’t make a difference on a computer screen, make a huge difference once the pattern is printed. Now I want my patterns to be easy to use, not just from a technical stand point, but from a formatting stand point as well. I’m always sad when I find an amazing pattern that I struggle with not because of the techniques or the actual instructions, but the formatting of the pattern complicates the execution. So as well as making sure I’m explaining techniques/stitch patterns used, I’m making sure the overall pattern is easier.
So I know w


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Happy New Year!

I realise it’s half way through January as I write this, but Happy New Year! This year, I plan to be more active around the Silky Doll page. Last year was hands down the hardest year of my life. I lost someone very close and special to me in February and then got married in April. Last year really became about dealing with my grief and keeping my head above water. I did continue to work on designs throughout the year. There’s a shawl just being test knit on the needles, a pair of socks awaiting some photos, and a couple of more waiting test-knitting. I’ve even branched out and started working on something big and cabled.

I look forward to spending more time around here this year and getting back it all.

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Etsy Store!

I’m pleased to announce my etsy store Silky Doll’s Nook is up and running! The etsy store will be mostly handmade stitch markers and jewelery, but I’ve also included my paid patterns here as another way for people to purchase them if you don’t want to use

As always, don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions! I can now be reached at silky AT silkydolldesigns DOT COM.


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Introducing Lady Jane


This is one of my first designs. It was originally designs about 5 years ago, between exams and a formal, to wear over my dress, which was backless. It’s proven to be a pretty and versatile item, coming out every winter as a light, but warm scarf. Okay, the specifics: It’s made from a 4 ply Merino Possum Silk from Glenora Spinning and Weaving (mentioned in a previous post), using 4 mm needles (as usual I’ve used circulars for the extra length, but you could use straights if it was more your style). It’s a relatively basic lace repeat, but you may find stitch markers helpful to mark individual repeats. Lady Jane Stole is $5. I really hope you like.


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